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What is it that makes a FunHouse Mirror fun? 

"I find it fun watching my kids and all the people around me enjoying themselves, pulling funny faces, and laughing at their hilarious reflections" (Peta Whitfield, 24 years old) 

"It is just so funny seeing what you look like in a completely differently shaped body, and when your eyes are really big!" (Aimee Jones, 22 years old) 

"The excitement of not knowing what you’re going to look like in the next mirror, and then the shock of a seeing a hilarious, short, fat, version of yourself. I love that" (Jake Johnson, 20 years old)

As shown above, the kind of experience that I am looking for to insert into the city of Fremantle, is a fun, happy, memorable experience, and a place that people enjoy so much that they will return many times to feel the same enjoyment. The creation of this unique experience in Fremantle, I believe, would be very successful, as the only other way to have this experience would be to go to a Carnival/Festival where a House of Mirrors is present. 


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The Classic FunHouse Mirrors have brought a smile to carnival goers faces for hundreds of years. In the 1600’s Peter Stuyvesant visited the Palace of Versailles, and was inspired to built the first House of Mirrors. The House of Mirrors was built in New Amsterdam in 1651, and introduced the world to the House of Mirrors. Since then, the House of mirrors has been incorporated into a carnival ‘ride’ as such, and is a highlight for carnival goers. 

In my experience in observing peoples response when they see themselves in a mirror/reflection, I have found that the majority of the people, enjoy looking at themselves. However, when people see their reflections in a Carnival mirror, and they see a warped, some what cartoonised version of themselves, You see the people become instantaneously happy and laughing. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that, if people seeing themselves in warped mirrors brings joy and happiness into their lives, then if these mirrors are implemented into the City of Fremantle, then inevitably, happiness will be injected into the city, and people will find it more memorable, and therefor, more likely to return.

Mayor Brad Pettitt Report

Dr Brad Pettitt, Fremantle’s current Mayor, 

Fremantle prides itself on being WA’s first Carbon Neutral Council. They have earned this title through projects such as the Geothermal Power for the leisure centre’s pool, the Light House Project or Off the Grid Living, Banning non-recyclable plastic bags, and creating Green Spaces for the community. Fremantle’s mission, to remain a carbon neutral city. 

The city of Fremantle is well known for its heritage buildings and tourist attractions, such as the Fremantle Prison, the Shipping Harbour, and the Markets. Mayor Brad Pettitt and the Council of Fremantle are in the process of discussing and implementing new initiatives to enhance Fremantle’s liveability, and increase the amount of residents in the city by at least 2000 people, all while remaining an environmentally friendly city. One of the initiatives is the construction of smaller, more affordable apartments, to cater for people of all monetary classes. This is called the Small Dwellings Scheme, allowing for more people to live in the city, thus improving Fremantle’s economy. One specific example of this scheme is the refurbishment of the old Dalgety Wool Shed, into a complex of small, affordable units.

Design is a major component in ensuring a happy city and happy residents. “Art making holds the possibility to transform that which is painful into something eventually positive” (Dr. Cathy Malchiodi, 2011). This proves the point that the use of art and Design does improve societies happiness levels and willingness to stay in a given area. The levels of design implemented can be anything as small as the colour of a building, to as large as its design. In the case of Fremantle, the design of the abundance of of new infrastructure is a vital component in maintaining Fremantle’s artistic reputation within the community. Fremantle is known for its festivals, and arts, so the use of design techniques throughout the city, is of vital importance in maintaining Fremantle’s identity.

Walking the City from the point of view of an International backpacker, these are the things that really came up for me. There were multiple backpackers, all in one block, souvenir shops, as well as cheap shops with essential items in them. There is also quiet a lot of things to do during the day, from playing community ping pong or chess in the city centre, or taking a ride on the Ferris wheel near the harbour. 

Challenges Facing Fremantle

Like any functioning city, Fremantle faces many challenges in creating and maintaining a happy city. I have explored the city through the point of view of an International backpacker. I wondered around the city in the search for a cheap Backpackers to stay at, cheap food, and fun activities to do throughout the days of staying in Freo. I was pleased to find multiple Backpackers, but they were quiet difficult to find, and I would not have if I didn’t stumble upon them. After I found accommodation, I proceeded to find a Supermarket to cheaply purchase my groceries from. I could not find a single one. I believe, as a backpacker in the City, that way finding is a major issue that needs to be addressed. 

The art of reflections.
Do people find reflections so entertaining? 
I know I do! Especially those waves ones! But why? What makes people so happy about reflections? Maybe it’s only the warped ones, maybe people like seeing themselves, or maybe something else all together…. happinessproject

The art of reflections.
Do people find reflections so entertaining?
I know I do! Especially those waves ones! But why? What makes people so happy about reflections? Maybe it’s only the warped ones, maybe people like seeing themselves, or maybe something else all together…. happinessproject

Creating a persona for the Happiness Project Fremantle. We came up with Mr Smith! He is 40 with four children and a wife, his idea of an ideal city includes a solar train and nature filled parks.

25/2/14 - Happiness Project.

Pro’s and Con’s of Fremantle.

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